What Is Nuwaupu?


For Those That Are Asking Themselves This question, Simply Put, Nuwaupu Is Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom And Right Overstanding, Which Leads You To Sound Right Reasoning. The Truth, The Facts, The Ability To Know. It Is The Original Ancient Spiritual Science Of African People The World Over. At No Other Time In Ourstory Were We, Black or African People, In More Need Of This Science As We Are Today. Nuwaupu, The African Powers Of Nature, Influenced The Mind, Train Of Thought And Culture That Produced The Kingdoms And Empires Of Egypt, Cush, Mali, Ghana, Songhai And Benin. These Great And Monumental Kingdoms Are The True Roots Of Africans In America, West Africa And Beyond.


When Thoroughly Researched And Studied, You Will Find That These Kingdoms And The Culture They Lived, Produced Great Wealth, Health, Harmony, Abundance And Success For It’s People. By Returning To Our True Roots, Nuwaupu, African People Will Once Again Experience The Liberating Success Of Times Past.


The E-Books, Video And Audio Lectures Available On This Website Are Designed To Put You Back On The Path To Your True Culture, Your True Way Of Life, Nuwaupu.


Living Nuwaupu Is Living Success!

Nuwaupu, Inc.